Our Services
Integrity, patience and understanding
We provide unrivaled, proven and meticulous representation of our clients. Striving to support our clients through difficult times, we explore all possible defense options to get you the best possible result.
  1. Criminal Justice
    JP&A provides expert legal guidance to clients facing a wide range of different charges: ∙ Assault ∙ Traffic ∙ Drug Charges ∙ Juvenile Crimes ∙ Theft
  2. Family Law
    Representation in the areas of: ∙ Child Custody ∙ Support ∙ Property Division ∙ Family Violence
  3. Foreclosure
    We have civil litigation experience representing corporate clients all over the state of Florida. Representation of real estate litigation includes: ∙ Foreclosure ∙ Lien Priority Disputes ∙ Lease Disputes ∙ Commercial and Residential Disputes